2021 Coconut Cup

And the winners are . . . Click HERE for 2021 results.

What is it?

The Coconut Cup homebrew competition began 23 years ago as a challenge between the Miami Area Society of Homebrewers (MASH) and the Ft. Lauderdale Area Brewers (FLAB) homebrewing clubs. Participation has grown to include other Florida homebrewing clubs and we have invited homebrewers from across the Southeast to participate in our competition. The 2021 Coconut Cup will be the 22nd Coconut Cup sanctioned by the Beer Judge Competition Program / American Homebrewers Association.

When is it?

June 12th, 2021

Where is it?

TBD – At this time, we expect all judging and the awards ceremony to be conducted in a virtual format.

Guidelines and Information

This year’s competition will follow the 2015 BJCP’s Guidelines for sanctioned competitions and will be part of the Florida Circuit. Entries will be accepted from all BJCP Beer Style Categories – as well as a special “Coconut Beer” category.  (This year’s competition will not include Mead or Cider.) Categories may be collapsed as necessary. Entries will be evaluated based on the 2015 BJCP guidelines. The competition organizers and judges may enter the competition. Judges may not judge categories in which they have submitted entries. All entries must have been brewed at home. Entries brewed at commercial establishments, including brew-on-premises, shops, schools, etc. are ineligible.

The Coconut Cup allows no more than three entries per brewer / brewing team. No more than two entries per sub-category can be submitted by any brewer / brewing team. Total entries for this year’s competition will be capped at 225

Your registration is not committed until payment is received.  The competition fee is $8 per entry. Payment will be accepted exclusively through PayPal via the online entry system. No refunds will be permitted after a registered entry is paid for.

All Beer entries must be in 10-12 oz. brown or green glass. No bottles with ink, name-brand lettering (i.e. Corona), or glued or taped on paper labels. Raised NO DEPOSIT, brand names, or manufacturing codes are acceptable. Beers must be capped with crown caps. Meads & Ciders may be entered in 6 to 12 oz bottles. Grolsch-type swing tops are acceptable for meads and ciders. No 22 ounce bombers, 750 ml bottles or plastic bottles are permitted. Bottles not meeting these requirements will be disqualified.

The entry window will be open from April 15, 2021 – April 30, 2021. Entries must be received by May 7, 2021 and should be shipped or dropped off at:

Shipping & Drop-off Information - C/O Bob Billany, 2445 NW 139th Avenue, Sunrise, FL 33323

Paper entries will not be accepted.  All entries must be entered via the online entry system which can be be accessed here: REGGIE CC-2021. The on-line entry system will create a bottle identification page for each entry. Please attach the completed bottle I.D. form to each bottle with a rubber band.

An entry consists of 4 bottles.  If you choose to submit less than 4 bottles, you must mention the number of bottles in the comments when registering. Submitting three bottles may make the entry ineligible for Best of Show. Submitting two bottles may make the entry ineligible for any medal – although all entrants will still receive a complete review and score sheet.

MANY THANKS TO OUR GENEROUS SPONSORS and the fine supplies and equipment they provide. With their help YOU can be the big winner this year!

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