Brewer of the Year (BOTY)
All MASH members are eligible to compete in MASH’s Brewer of the Year (B.O.T.Y.) competition. At each month’s meeting, a specific style of beer will be judged. Members collect B.O.T.Y. points for finishing first, second, or third in this monthly competition and for receiving awards in BJCP-sanctioned external competitions.

Coconut Cup

The Coconut Cup homebrew competition began as a challenge between the Miami Area Society of Homebrewers (MASH) and the Ft. Lauderdale Area Brewers (FLAB) homebrewing clubs. Participation has grown to include other Florida homebrewing clubs and homebrewers from all over the country. 
Florida Homebrew Circuit
The mission of the Florida Competition Circuit is to promote friendly competition between Florida homebrew clubs and individual homebrewers.  Each year the circuit will track points for all member competitions and individual brewers and award a Best Florida Homebrewer and Best Florida Homebrew Club award.
Club-Only Competition
The Club-Only Competition (COC) program offers AHA-Registered Homebrew Clubs an opportunity to compete with other AHA-registered homebrew clubs. Each competition concentrates attention on a specific style of beer or mead, giving each club the opportunity to educate club members in these styles by focusing on them at club meetings or tasting events.