Member of the Year – 2020

All MASH members are eligible to compete in MASH’s Member of the Year (M.O.T.Y.) competition. Members earn points based on the point scheme below.

M.O.T.Y runs from December to November of each year.

MASH awards for M.O.T.Y are given out at the Winter Solstice party.

Current standings:

2Chris Nash80
5Macorix Perera70
2Bob Billany80
2Matt Crawford80
1Dave Kirsten90
7Steve Hiller50
16Rene Castillo15
23Patrick Whiteside5
7Scott Graham50
6Rachel Billany55
7Matt Waldron50
7Chris Lopez50
7Daniel Corredor50
16Gerardo Coronel15
12Juan Corredor40
14Rafael Dubois30
12David James40
14Roberto Torrealba30
16Jon Britton15
19Lindsey Dubois10
19Fernando Espino10
19Denise Graham10
19Keith Howard10

Points ledger:

Entry Date
Chris Nash1/24/20BoTY Leader10
Macorix Perera1/24/20BoTY Judge5
Bob Billany1/24/20BoTY Judge5
Matt Crawford1/24/20BoTY Judge5
Dave Kirsten1/24/20Education Session10
Matt Crawford2/27/20BoTY Leader10
Steve Hiller2/27/20BoTY Judge5
Rene Castillo2/27/20BoTY Judge5
Patrick Whiteside2/27/20BoTY Judge5
Dave KirstenCoconut CupOrganizer25
Scott GrahamCoconut CupHead Judge25
Bob BillanyCoconut CupCellermaster25
Rachel BillanyCoconut CupCellermaster25
Matt WaldronCoconut CupSwagmeister20
Chris LopezCoconut CupSwagmeister20
Macorix PereraCoconut CupCatering Organizer20
Matt CrawfordCoconut CupKeg Competition Leader20
Chris NashCoconut CupEntertainment Guru20
Macorix PereraCoconut CupStreaming Guru20
Daniel CorredorCoconut CupStreaming Guru20
Gerardo CoronelCoconut CupSorting Day Participation10
Daniel CorredorCoconut CupSorting Day Participation10
Juan CorredorCoconut CupSorting Day Participation10
Matt CrawfordCoconut CupSorting Day Participation10
Rafael DuboisCoconut CupSorting Day Participation10
David JamesCoconut CupSorting Day Participation10
Dave KirstenCoconut CupSorting Day Participation10
Macorix PereraCoconut CupSorting Day Participation10
Roberto TorrealbaCoconut CupSorting Day Participation10
Chris NashCoconut CupFlighting Assistance10
Bob BillanyCoconut CupJudging50
Rachel BillanyCoconut CupJudging30
Jon BrittonCoconut CupJudging15
Rene CastilloCoconut CupJudging10
Gerardo CoronelCoconut CupJudging5
Daniel CorredorCoconut CupJudging20
Juan CorredorCoconut CupJudging30
Matt CrawfordCoconut CupJudging35
Lindsey DuboisCoconut CupJudging10
Rafael DuboisCoconut CupJudging20
Fernando EspinoCoconut CupJudging10
Denise GrahamCoconut CupJudging10
Scott GrahamCoconut CupJudging25
Steve HillerCoconut CupJudging45
Keith HowardCoconut CupJudging10
David JamesCoconut CupJudging30
Dave KirstenCoconut CupJudging45
Chris LopezCoconut CupJudging30
Macorix PereraCoconut CupJudging15
Ruben SabaterCoconut CupJudging5
Roberto TorrealbaCoconut CupJudging20
Matt WaldronCoconut CupJudging30
Marie WaldronCoconut CupJudging20
Chris NashCoconut CupJudging40
Eric MeyerCoconut CupJudging20

Point system:

Cocount Cup
Head Judge25
Catering Organizer20
Keg Competition Leader20
Entertainment Guru20
Streaming Guru20
Sorting Day Participation10
Day of Judging10
Day of Stewarding5
Monthly Meetings
Education Session Organization15
Education Session10
BoTY Leader10
BoTY Judging5
MASH Events
Donating Beer20
BJCP Advancement25
BJCP Study Prep25
NEW (only for 2021)
Board Position20
Committee Participation10

Past M.O.T.Y. Winners

2019   Dave Kirsten