Meeting Minutes – April 2014

MASH Mtg 04.24.13

Call to Order 7:07 p.m.

Officers Present: Bob Billany, Alisa Britton, Denise Graham, Jorge Fors

Education: Wood & Smoke Aged Beer: Denise Graham


1. MASH is now 3rd in the Circuit! (Congrats to all MASHERS who MEDALED @ Blow-Off)

2. Hogtown Competition Entry Window opens Monday, April 28th

-Limit of 3 entries first week

-MASH will reimburse 2 entries (pay first & REGISTER MONDAY)

-Railroad info coming-keep eyes on mash email

-Hogtown Award Day is a great event- perhaps a group of mashers could travel together? Bob Billany: they’ve rented out Swamp Head in the past for the event.

 3. Merchandise Branding: Rachel Billany will be leading the project

-Casual Tshirts and Merch. will have “the guzzler” logo

-Formal will have the Coconut Cup Medal logo