Meeting Minutes – August 2014

MASH Monthly Meeting: August 28, 2014

Call to Order: 7:03 pm

Officers Present:  Denise Graham & Alisa Britton

Old Business

T shirts will be available at next month’s meeting.  Please bring cash.  Another round of orders to come.

BJCP Tasting exam will be held at Devon on 11/15/14.  Contact Scott Graham for study sessions.  Bob expects a 100% pass rate!

2 more competitions this year:

– Commander SAAZ (Entry Window is closed.  Competition is September 19-20 in Cocoa Beach).

– Sunshine Challenge in Orlando  (Entry Window opens September 1, 2014)

Grovetoberfest will be on October 18t, 2014.  More info to follow.  We plan to have a MASH table.  If entering the Grovetoberfest brewer competition, you may deliver entries to Jacob @ Daddy Brews.  Entries due by September 30th.

New Business

Be thinking about next year’s officers. Who wants to lead this club to the next level?  A motion to move annual elections to November was raised.  More information to follow by email with a formal vote to be held in October.

Propose Winter Solstice Party date December 13, 2014.  Location TBD.

Next month’s BotY style is Open – Best of Show.  No educational session that month.

BotY categories need to be selected for next year.

Daddy Brews 1 year anniversary party will take place September 27, 2014- food trucks & free beer!

Mash Officers Meeting – August

7:17 PM

Alisa Britton
Denise Graham
Bob Billany
Dan Barrett

Tshirt: added fee to pay through paypal

Club insurance: $3.50/per person. Look into details and consult Jorge Fors/Josh

Tasting exam: at Devon. Judge hotel wothh be at courtyard across street. Check plastic tasting cups amount (Jon Britton).

Winter Solstice:
Venue: TBD.
Date: Dec 13

Education for August: Jon Britton Cider/Meads $65 max for next years boty (Alisa)
-waiting on answer from contact to create personalized survey

Election for next year’s officers: postpone to November meeting? Denise to check by-laws. Propose at meeting.

Grovetoberfest: Oct 18th @ Peacock park

Deadline for Saaz entry railroad: Wed @ Daddy Brews

Sunshine Challenge?