Meeting Minutes – August 22, 2013

Meeting was called to order at 7:25 p.m.  Four officers were in attendance.

New Member Introductions – Three guests, Felix Alvarez, Patrick Flint and Aaron Pickett


European Amber Lagers – Presented by Tony Hernandez


–          Bob reported $2,488.15 bank balance plus $900.46 in Paypal account. ($3,388.61)
–          Treasurer will compile a list of paid members for next month’s meeting.



–          CASK – First Coast Cup (Jacksonville)

  • MASH takes 6th place
  • MASH Medalists:
    • Dan Barrett – Silver (Light Hybrid) “Summer Citra” American Wheat
    • Ryan Lapete – Bronze (Sour Ales) Berliner Weisse
    • Danny Argudin – Gold (Smoke & Wood Aged) “Revenge of the Closet Monster”
    • Dave & Bob – Gold  (English Brown) Northern / Silver (Specialty) “Nuttin Honey”

–          Commander Saaz (Melbourne)

  • Entry window closed
  • Entry Fee Reimbursement – ONLY PAID MEMBERS.
  • Final Judging & Awards Ceremony – Saturday, 9/14
    • Webcast watch party – TBD

–          Sunshine Challenge (Orlando) – November 1-2, 2013

  • Last competition in 2013 Florida Circuit
  • Registration Opens September 1st
  • Entry Deadline – October 6

Need to develop BOTY list for 2014

BJCP Tasting Exam

–          Bob & Danny sat for BJCP Tasting Exam at National Conference in Philadelphia this past June.  Results expected shortly.
–          When they are certified, the club will have 7 BJCP judges!
–          MASH will be hosting a BJCP Tasting Exam in July 2015 to be administered by Scott Graham (National) – MASH has twelve spots.
–          Explain BJCP process (Online Exam followed by Tasting)

MASH Brochures / Flyers       – This item will be held over to next meeting

–          Need to get the word out.
–          Miami Beer & Wine has received inquiries from customers.
–          Any volunteers to update the existing brochure? (Denise Graham)

Winter Solstice Party

–          Stick with Pot Luck at member’s home . . . or
–          Informal EOY luncheon at commercial site (hall, restaurant, brewery)?
–          Date?  Suggested: Saturday, December 14th

Daddy Brews  –  Had a soft opening and will have a grand opening some time in September.


Sexy Llama Brewing will be  featured at WOB- Kendall 9/3 @ 6 p.m.   Danny Argudin is the brewer

Grovetoberfest –  October 19th

–          Homebrew Competition  – Check website, they want 15 gallons of each entry.
–          Homebrew Pavilion – Tickets cost $40 advanced, $45 at gate and $90 VIP.

National Learn to Brew Day – November 2nd (Register an Event?) – Yes we will register a event to be held at Daddy Brews.

AHA Survey – Members please complete the survey online.

Next Meeting  – Daddy Brews? – The meeting will be at Daddy Brews

The American Legion would like to hold an Oktoberfest. They are looking for beer donations and volunteers.


– More feedback to entrants?  Need to use the quick judging forms that Denise has developed.
– Check the website.  Plan your brewing schedule.

Next 3 Months:
–          September: German Wheat & Rye
–          October: India Pale Ale (IPA)
–          November: Ciders

Tonight we had two entries – both submitted by Bob and Dave.

1. Oktoberfest (First Place)
2. Vienna Lager (Second Place)