Meeting Minutes – December 2016

I. Call to Order

  • Welcome New Members and Guests


II. Review of Previous Minutes –​​ Waived


III. Treasure's Report (Dave Kirsten)

The club is doing well financially, with a net surplus compared to last year.​​ 


IV. Current Business

  • Coconut Cup 2017 (Bob Billany)

    • Will be held at MIA Brewery March 3rd and 4th

    • Approximately eight judging sessions to be held on weekends leading up to it, also at MIA. Dates will be listed on

    • Anyone interested in judging or helping others judge should join. No experience? Fear not! New judges will be paired with more experienced ones, it’s a great learning experience.

    • Jay Fonte was nominated as Swag Master, responsible for getting prizes for raffle and etc.  ​​​​ Dan Barrett - Food Coordinator  ​​​​ Matt Waldron - MASH’s greeter/ambassador

    • 6 entries are allowed per member, at $7 per entry

    • Keeping the Coconut Cup is a big deal for MASH, so brew your best, and enter as much as you can!


  • Miami Beer Festival - January 2017​​ 

    • Dan Barrett has been in communication with the event coordinators.

    • Jan 14th, on the Marlins Stadium Field.


  • Veritage

    • Rescheduled to Feb 9th.

    • There will be an online sign up for this event.

    • Kegs and people’s time are both needed!


V. New Business

  • Election of Officers​​ for 2017

    • Membership Secretary - Marie Waldron

    • Librarian - Geoffrey Shideler

    • Treasurer – David Kirsten

    • President - Jorge Molina

    • Vice President - Dan Barrett


  • BotY Awards for 2016

    • 2016 Intra-Club Winner - Mike Moussa

    • 2016 Inter-Club Winner - Bob & Dave

    • Brewer of the Year –Bob & DAve

  • 2017 BOTY -​​ 

    • Urban Brewers will be stocking extra supplies in advance for each BOTY style.

    • The entry fee is being waived for 2017.

    • Bring 3 12oz bottles, or 2 bombers so that there is plenty for judging and sharing.


  • Edukos is a soon to be arriving Venezualan/American craft beer tavern, to focus on​​ craft beer and brewing. Will be opening by the Marlins Stadium area. You can follow “Edukos Miami” on Twitter for business updates.


  • 2017 Florida Beer Circuit.

    • Club pays for first two entries, and will try to coordinate group shipping and beer railroads.


  • Mash-Up

    • On Jan 7th, at 305 Brews, a fairly new joint in MidTown, 12 p.m.

    • Bring home brew, come out for social time, may have house specials as well.


VI. BotY

  • Dec: Open/Best of Show

    • 1st - John Bankston - German Pilsner

    • 2nd - John Guilarte - Chocolate​​ Stout

    • 3rd - Mike Moussa​​ - Chocolate​​ Milk Stout


  • Jan: India Pale Ale


Jan 28th - Optimist Club Homebrew Comp

Held at Tom’s NFL

Cash prizes, including $150 for first prize.

Winners determined by popular vote.


VIII. Adjournment and Next Meeting

  • Next meeting:​​ January 26, 2017​​ (we're back at Lincoln’s Beard)