Meeting Minutes – February 2016

I. Call to Order

– Welcome New Members and Guests

II. Review of Previous Minutes

– Waived

III. Treasure’s Report (Dave Kirsten)

– Dave was absent. It has been said we have plenty of money.

IV. Current Business

– Coconut Cup
o Judging/participation is needed for Friday and Saturday (2/26 and 2/27)
o Pub crawl is happening in Wynwood on Friday 2/26, starting at BoxElder at 5:30 p.m.
 Jeremy Marshall doing a presentation at the start of this event. Jeremy is the head brewer at Lagunitas, responsible for Little Sumpin, along with other brews.
o Saturday 2/27 is the Coconut Cup awards ceremony.
 There will be many raffle prizes, and the proceeds go to MASH!
o During the awards ceremony, we will be having our keg competition.
 Anyone with a half keg or more can register to compete.
 Kegs are judged by popular ballot vote.
 Winner receives a custom tap handle, made by our very own Dan Barrett.

– Membership Dues are due.

V. New Business

– Dan Barrett is interested in coordinating a bulk grain purchase for the club. Grain would be purchased in 50 lb or equivalent sack sizes, and then the cost and quantity would be divided by those interested. Please reach out to Dan if this interests you.

– There has been news of a New Homebrew shop, that is scheduled to open up late March, in the Bird Road Arts district.

– Upcoming Competitions
o Hogtown Brew-off entry window opens 4/25: start brewing for it!
o Check ReggieBeer for other competitions
o MASH pays for your first two entries into any Florida Beer Circuit Competition.

– Upcoming Events
o Sprung – Wynwood (4/2)
o Miami Springs Optimist Club Homebrew Challenge (4/30)
o Brew at the Zoo (5/7)
o Veritage (10/5-10/9)
o Grovetoberfest – Mid-Oct. TBD
o Brew FIU – November TBD
o Home Brew Con Registration Opens March 8, 2016

VI. Education

• Matt discussed the importance of challenging heuristics, sayings that are considered as truth, but whose origin or validity is undetermined.
• Brulosophy is a website that is dedicated largely to this task: testing a single brewing variable at a time, to determine the significance of this element in the brewing process.
• Brulosophy is a good source for any process related brewing queries.

VI. BotY

– This month’s BOTY style was Pilsner. We had five entries. Congrats to our winners!
o 1st – John Bankston
o 2nd – Matt Waldron
o 3rd – Mike Moussa
• March’s BOTY category is: Scottish & Irish Ale

VIII. Adjournment and Next Meeting

– Next meeting: March 24, 2016