Meeting Minutes – January 2014

MASH Board 01/23/14



6:27 PM

Call to Order 6:30 p.m.


Bob Billany

Denise Graham

Alisa Britton

Dan Barrett


1. Mash will only reimburse 2 entries per competition and none for Coconut Cup.

2. Miami Beer Festival: $ to members who brewed to reimburse for brewing costs. $ will not be donated to club.

3. Coconut Cup necessities:

– Food committee:

-Breakfast for main event

– Supply purchaser

– Venues for prejudging/judging/awards

– weekly night judging activity difficult – limits avg one flight per judge.

– Member to offer a bed for Don (judge from out of town)

-Emphasize window opening for registration and MASH members on Feb 1st. Register your beer quickly – style and all details per entry are editable after.

-Date for opening/closing on circuit web need to be adjusted.

-Medals came in with wrong style- being resolved through Bob.

-Raffle Master: The Barrett’s


Call to Order: 7:10 p.m.

1. Education: Dave Kirsten: Belgian Strong Ales: Cat 18

-18a. Belgian Blond ale

-18b. Belgian Dubbel

-18c. Belgian Tripel

-18d. Belgian Golden Strong Ale

-18e. Belgian Dark Strong Ale


BoTY Winners:

1. Jorge Molina   : Blonde

2. The Fors Brothers: Trippel

3. Dan Barrett: Golden Strong