Meeting Minutes March 2014


Bob Billany

Alisa Britton

Jorge Fors

Dan Barrett

Call to Order: 7 pm

Education: Scottish & Irish: Alisa

We took home the Coconut Cup- first time in 4 years! Congrats Mash!

12 individuals with medals from MASH.

BJCP EXAM: 5 NEW MEMBERS HAVE PASSED! 9 slots for tasting exam in Nov are taken now.

Hurricane Blow-Off need judges: April 11th & April 12th. Pre judging this weekend. Ryan LaPete offering to car pull- 3 spots left.

HopChef event needs volunteers: Mon April 28th- everyone gets a case of Ommegang.

United Way Craft Beer tasting event April 9, wed. 6-9 pm. Need 3 more 5 gallon kegs to serve. Respond to serve even without beer. Bringing beer free to attend with guest. RSVP to Jorge Fors. Bottles allowed.

Open to new suggestions for a venue for Coconut Cup next year. German American Club (Daryll’s a member).

Hogtown Comp entry window opens April 28. Main event May 24.

Pro-Am bottle sharing beer bar crawl. Bring homebrew and commercial bottles to distributers, professional brewers, and each other. Matt is contact.

BoTy winners:

Scottish & Irish

1. Bob & Dave Irish Red

2. Michael Moussa Irish Red Ale

3. Danny Steigerwald Scottish 70