Meeting Minutes – October 2016

I. Call to Order

  • Welcome New Members and Guests

II. Review of Previous Minutes​​ ​​ Waived

III. Treasure's Report (Dave Kirsten)

We have money in the bank. MASH is in a positive​​ financial​​ position.

IV. Current Business

  • Best Florida Beer

    • Michael Moussa – Gold Medal (Belgian Blond Ale)

    • Dave Kirsten & Bob Billany – Silver Medal (Rauchbier)

    • Florida Homebrew Club Standing - 9th place

      • Decent placement for our club size

      • 2017 – more participation is wanted. Let’s bring the cup back!

  • Competitions

    • Club covers first two entries for all BJCP competitions

    • Competition feedback provides detailed honest feedback on beers, can help you improve the brews you submit.

    • MASH will be working to coordinate bulk shipping and transport options, to help members save on shipping beers.

    • Coconut Cup is coming up (Feb/March 2017). Plan your brews now, and consider participation!

V. New Business

  • South Florida Beerfest (Now North Miami Beerfest)

    • Nov. 19 at FIU Biscayne Campus

    • Fun event, slightly more relaxed than other festivals

    • Sign-up forms on website. Register so we can anticipate how much beer we will be bringing.

  • Veritage

    • Cancelled due to weather

    • Will be rescheduled, date to be announced

  • Big Brew Event

    • Intra club event

    • Location to be determined (LBBC or Urban Brewers likely)

  • MASHups

    • Second MASHup at BoxElder a success.

    • Potential third will be held at Biscayne Bay Brewery

  • Miami Beerfest

    • Will be held early January, at Marlins Stadium

    • Need members to contribute kegs and their time so MASH can be present.

    • The festival typically reimburses MASH members per keg

VI. Action Items

  • Winter Solstice

    • Will be held as December meeting

    • In search of venue. If good venue is known, please let officers know.

      • Prefer new locations for solstice, to expand club exposure to local venues.

  • 2017 Officers

    • Will nominate officers during next meeting, voting will be held December, at Winter Solstice.​​ 

    • Position responsibilities are listed on website.

    • Many ways to help​​ club, in addition to officers.

    • Members are encouraged to find ways to get involved. Help with the club operations.

VII. Coconut Cup

  • Final Ceremony will be March 3rd/4th.​​ 

    • Entries open one month prior.

    • Judging and ceremony will be held at MIA Brewing.

  • Please consider volunteering.

    • Need a swag master (to find swag/raffle prizes, etc.)

    • Need people to help with sorting of beer, need beer judges and stewards

    • Need people to spread the word of this competition, increase hype/involvement

    • Need to find food sponsor for ceremony, and to find event opportunities for the weekend of ceremony, to entertain out-of-towners.

  • This competition is very important to the club

    • Generates the bulk of the club’s annual revenue.

    • Is a great opportunity for club members to interact with BJCP judges from all over the state, meet some cool people, and potentially learn a good amount from them.

  • Swag Master

    • Responsible for reaching out to potential sponsors

    • An email list will be provided of previous year’s sponsors, and the point of​​ contact.

    • We need a detail oriented person to reach out, and pursue/manage follow-up dialogue in order to secure goodies for raffle/competition prizes.


  • Study group being formed, in preparation for a tasting exam that MASH will hold Dec. 2017

  • Jay will be coordinating the study sessions.

  • More info coming soon.

IX.Urban Brewers

  • Miami’s newest home brew store is open in the Bird Road Arts Area (4600 SW 75th​​ Ave)​​ – Urban Brewers

  • Only shop currently in Miami

  • They have competitive rates, and free Miami delivery for some orders.

  • Open:Monday-Friday: 6-9Saturday: 12-9


Oct. 2016 BOTY

 2nd: Matt Waldron – Old Ale

 1st​​ Mike Moussa – American Barleywine


Next meeting will be held November 17th. Held early so as to not conflict with Thanksgiving.