Meeting Minutes – September 2016

SEPT. 22, 2016


Meeting was begun with a live streaming of​​ the AHA Zymurgy Live webinar - History of the Use of Wood in Beer with Peter Bouckaert, brewmaster at New Belgium Brewery.


  • Call to order.

    • Welcome to new members. Three new members were present at this meeting – Johnny, Carlos, and Tim. We are glad to have you!



  • Review​​ of Last Month’s Minutes – Waived.


  • Treasurer’s Report

  • We have money! – 5460.21 to be exact.

  • This is a surplus of $787, which leads the surmise that we should have a festive Winter Solstice Party

  • Three new​​ paid members since last month.

  • Competitions

    • Commander Saaz competition has ended, and Bob Billany placed with a silver for his Pilsner.

    • Best Florida Beer will have its final judging on Oct. 8th.

    • Coconut Cup – (Our home competition) will be held Feb/March 2017

  • Start planning out your brews, and have your best ready for this.

  • Need entries, and a good showing from MASH.

  • Bob needs a shadow/backup for his​​ role as competition coordinator.

  • Can enter up to 6 beers, with 450 total beers entered into the competition.

  • During competition weekend there will be a pub crawl, ceremony and other festivities.

  • Entering beers can get you feedback on your brew. Judging can give you expertise on detecting good and bad traits of beers, and how to create or avoid them.


  • BOTY

  • Survey was sent out last month to determine 2017 styles. Will be announced by Oct. meeting

  • Involvement in BOTY needs to increase. So – the $2.00 entry fee has been waived.

  • BOTY has been a long standing intra.-club competition. Promoting healthy rivalry, and the exploration and brewing of a wider style of beers.

  • To foster more involvement, participants will need to bring more bottles moving forward, so that members can try the beers of the BOTY style.



  • BJCP  -Dec. 17, 2017

  • Spots are being reserved initially for club members

  • Certifies judges for tasting/judging events

  • The process of becoming BJCP certified can help improve one’s ability to analyze beer, which is a good brewing trait to have

  • A 1 hour long, 200 question pre-test must be completed prior to taking the BJCP exam.

  • There are three attempts allowed to complete this pre-test.

  • Study sessions will be held prior to this, and prior to the BJCP exam.

  • Info is available at

  • Jay Hirley will be hosting workshops


  • Bob Billany and David Kirsten will soon have one of their batches brewed at MIA. Congrats guys!

  • The Coconut Cup best of show will also be brewed at MIA.


  • Bottle Share

  • At Box Elder. Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 7:30.

  • Previous event at The Tank was a great success.

  • Opportunity to geek out on beer, and bring your homebrew to share. (home brew bottle share only)

  • FB event: MASH UP, Pt. 2


  • Sept. BOTY Results:

1st: Matt Waldron – Wood Aged Scotch Wee Heavy

2nd: Mike Moussa – Chocolate Russian Imperial

3rd: Bob Billany – Rauchbier