Meeting Minutes – September 26, 2013

The meeting was conducted at Daddy Brews Homebrew Supplies. Special thanks to MASH member Jacob Lindsay for accomodating us!

Daddy Brews  – Grand Opening Event: Saturday, 9/28


32  members and guest in attendance.

EDUCATIONAL SESSION on German Wheat & Rye was conducted by Matt Waldron. Matt certainly did his homework. He offered a very good presentation which was well received and included the tasting of eight commercial examples from this style category.

Next month’s BJCP Category, India Pale Ale, will be presented by Jacob Lindsay.


–  $2,443.57 in the bank and approximately $800.00 in the club’s PayPal account.
– Reviewed Dues Structure. Dues are due in December and are $35.00 a year.
–  Received payment from 3 new members bringing our roster of paid members to 21.


Sexy Llama Brewing featured at WOB- Kendall 9/3 @ 6 p.m.   Danny is the brewer

Grovetoberfest –  October 19th

–          Homebrew Competition  – Check website, they want 15 gallons of each entry.
–          If you brewed beer and bring it  you will get a ticket.
–          Homebrew Pavilion – Tickets cost $40 advanced, $45 at gate and $90 VIP.

MASH Brochures / Flyers    Denise. Report next month Denise not present.

–          Need to get the word out.
–          Miami Beer & Wine has received inquiries from customers.


Commander Saaz (Melbourne)

  • Kirsten Attended
  • Scott & Denise: Gold for Melomel
  • Dave & Bob: 2 Bronze

Sunshine Challenge (Orlando) – November 1-2, 2013

  • Entry Deadline – October 6
  • Beer Railroad – Tentative

South Florida BREW Festival FIU 11/23

Need to Develop BOTY list for 2014

The following styles were not utilized this year.  Unanimously accepted for upcoming season.  To be submitted to the “Competition Goddess” to determine detailed schedule.

Parallel Brew (TBD)
Meads and Ciders Scottish / Irish
English Brown
Belgian Strong ale
Fruit Beer
Spice / Herb / Vegetable
Smoked and Wood-Aged Beers
Open Lagers
Open / Best of Show
Sour Ale

National Learn to Brew Day – November 2nd (Register an Event?) – Yes we will register a event to be held at Daddy Brews.  – Jacob agreed.

BJCP Tasting Exam

–          MASH will be hosting a BJCP Tasting Exam in July 2015 to be administered by Scott Graham (National) – 12 Spots Reserved. Possibility of extension to 20.
–          Priority seating to those who pass online exam.

Winter Solstice Party

–          Date Confirmed – Saturday, December 14
–          Need to determine location –  (Private Home, Hall, Restaurant, Brewery)?


Coconut Cup: Need to form Committee

– Coconut Cup Organizer is Jon Brittton
– Head Judge is Scott Graham.

Social Committee – Oktoberfest Celebrations?  (Jorge Fors)

–          Fritz & Franz Bierhaus – October 5th
–          German American Club – TBD
–          American Legion Oktoberfest Celebration?

Field Trip to Funky Buddha Brewery was suggested.

 Club Equipment

Bob Billany made a motion to purchase a  six-way CO2 splitter for club use at beer festivals.  This would eliminate the need for each member to bring their own gas canister.  Estimated cost of $127.00 cost.  Club will use about four times a year.  The motion was seconded and approved.


There were five entries in this month’s BOTY – German Wheat & Rye:

Entry one was a Dunklewiezen 15B by Bob and Dave. (Tie – Third Place)
Entry two was a Dunklewiezen 15B by Matt Waldron. (Tie – Third Place)
Entry three was a Weizen 15A by Ryan LaPete.
Entry four was Weizenbock 15C by Mauricio. (First Place)
Entry five was a Weizen 15A by Jacob Lindsay. (Second Place)

Meeting was closed.