October 2017



I. Call to Order

  • Welcome New Members and Guests


II. Review of Previous Minutes​​ ​​ WAIVED


III. Treasure's Report (Dave Kirsten)

  • Account Balance: $ 5,142.81

  • Cash Flow: $​​ (403.81)

  • Paid Members: 46      



IV. Current Business

  • Best Florida Beer 2017 (Tampa) - Results

    • Macorix Perera - Weissbier - Silver

  • Florida Homebrew Circuit - Final Standings - 6th place

  • Coconut Cup opens the 2018 Florida Homebrew Circuit

  • BJCP Tasting Exam​​ - Scheduled for December 9, 2017 (Dave Kirsten)

    • First Come/First Serve - Must pass the online exam prior to securing a spot for the tasting exam

    • Secure your seat by November 9th, 2017. All remaining seats will be made available to other clubs

  • Grovetoberfest @ Coconut Grove - Recap (Dan Barrett)

  • BotY categories for 2018 (Dave Kirsten)

    • December - Open/Best of Show

    • January - IPA (American IPA and Specialty IPA’s - Belgian IPA, Black IPA, Brown IPA, Red IPA, Rye IPA,White IPA)

    • February - Strong European Beer (Doppelbock, Eisbock, Baltic Porter)

    • March - Fruit Beer (Fruit Beer, Fruit and Spice Beer, Specialty Fruit Beer)

    • April - American Porter & Stout (American Porter, American Stout, Imperial Stout)

    • May - Pale Bitter European Beer (German Leichtbier, Kölsch, German Helles Exportbier, German Pils)

    • June - SMaSH Beer (Single Malt and Single Hop)

    • July - Strong American or British Beer (Double IPA, American Strong Ale, American Barleywine, Wheatwine, British Strong Ale, Old Ale, Wee Heavy, English Barleywine)

    • August -​​ Brown British Beer (Dark Mild, British Brown Ale, English Porter)

    • September - Strong Belgian Ale (Belgian Blond Ale, Saison, Belgian Golden Strong Ale)

    • October - German Wheat Beer (Weissbier, Dunkles Weissbier, Weizenbock)

    • November - Specialty Beer (Mixed​​ Style Beer, Experimental Beer)


V. New Business

  • Upcoming Competitions

    • Florida Homebrew Circuit is closed for 2017

    • Check ReggieBeer for other AHA/BJCP sectioned events 

  • Upcoming Events

    • AHA Learn to Homebrew Day @ Nightlife Brewing Co: November 4

    • North​​ Miami Beerfest (Brew FUI) @ MOCA Plaza: December 9

  • Winter Solstice Party/Elections @ Union Beer Market: December 16

  • Election of new officers for 2018

    • Officer Positions

      • President

The President shall convene all meetings, and shall plan for and preside over​​ each regular meeting, or arrange for another member of the Board to plan for and preside over any regular meeting in the event of his for her) absence. A President's Message shall be provided prior to Regular Meetings either on the Club's website or the list-serve, and shall serve as a reminder of the Regular Meeting and to briefly summarize both old and new business to be presented at the Regular Meeting. The President shall sign and make all contracts and agreements with consultation of the Treasurer, and​​ see they are properly carried out. 

      • Vice-President

The Vice-President shall assist the President. In the absence of the President, all the responsibilities and duties of the President shall be vested and performed by the Vice-President. The Vice-President​​ shall coordinate the efforts of all standing Committees, should they be created. 

      • Secretary

The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping record of Club actions, including overseeing the taking of minutes at all meetings. The Secretary shall be custodian​​ of all Club records. The Secretary shall oversee maintenance of the Club website and Club calendar, and provide notice on the same of MASH meetings, events and upcoming competitions. The Secretary shall provide copies of past minutes when requested to do​​ so by any member and may make past minutes available on the Club's website. 

      • Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for the care and custody of all CIub funds. The Treasurer shall make a financial report at each Regular Meeting; chair the Finance​​ Committee, should one be established; assist in the preparation of budget; help develop fundraising plans; make financial information available to Board Members when requested, and available to any Government entity when necessary. The Treasurer shall also​​ collect dues and see to it that they are deposited in the Club's Bank Account, and shall keep correct books of account of the Club's business and transactions. 

      • Librarian

The Librarian shall hold and maintain the Club's library of brewing books and periodicals, and shall establish a procedure and see to it that such materials are available to the Club and ensure their return. The Librarian shall also maintain the Club's copies of all membership applications as well as an up-to-date list of the Club's current Members.

    • Nominations in October/November

      • President

        • Geoffrey Shideler

      • Vice President

      • Treasurer

        • Marie Waldron

      • Secretary

      • Librarian

  • Coconut Cup 2018

    • Need to start assigning tasks:

      • Head Judge​​ 

      • Competition Coordinator – Dave Kirsten

      • Cellar Master – Bob​​ Billany/MIA

      • Swagmeister

  • Call for new business

    • Bottle share scheduled for 11/14 @Bousa Brewing,​​ 7:30-9:00 pm


VI. Education

  • Beer Styles - German Wheat Beers (Marie Waldron)


VI. BotY

  • Oct: German Wheat Beer

    • 1st​​ Place – Danny Smyth – Weissbier

    • 2nd​​ Place –​​ Gabriel Velez – Weissbier

    • 3rd​​ Place – Geoffrey Shideler – Dunkles Weissbier

  • Nov: Historical Beers

  • Current Standings:

    • Intra-Club: John Bankston

    • Inter-Club: Bob Billany &​​ Dave Kirsten

    • BotY 2017: Geoffrey – Bob & Dave - John (3 points separate 1st, 2nd & 3rd)


VIII. Adjournment and Next Meeting

  • Next meeting: November 30, 2017 (@ The Beard)