Membership Benefits

Membership has its perks!

Brewing great beer is only one of the benefits of joining MASH. There are many businesses in the Miami area that support homebrewing. As a show of support, these businesses have offered MASH members discounts*. All MASH members can enjoy these great benefits—support those who support brewing!

Not a member yet? Membership is easy:

Annual dues are $35 per individual or nuclear family. All persons of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages and that support the purposes of MASH are eligible to join the club.

Note: If you join between June and August, dues are $25. If you join after September, we’ll roll your dues into the following year.

Miami-area business Discount details
5% off all ingredient purchases on orders over $29.99
10% off all ingredient purchases on orders over $69.99
15% off all taproom purchases
15% off all taproom beverages
10% off all taproom food and beverage purchases
10% off all taproom food and beverage purchases
10% off all taproom purchases
10% off all draughts and JWB merchandise. Not to be combined with bottles, cans, or growlers.
10% off all Social Hall purchases, including retail items.
* Membership ID terms and conditions

Discounts are attained by presenting MASH membership ID card at time of purchase. All paid MASH members receive one MASH ID as part of their membership (renewed each year via annual endorsement). Each paid membership receives only one card, members that pay as a couple do not receive multiple cards. Member ID cards that are lost or otherwise need to be replaced will incur a replacement fee of $15.00.