Membership Benefits

Membership has its perks!

Brewing great beer is only one of the benefits of joining MASH. There are many businesses in the Miami area that support homebrewing. As a show of support, these businesses have offered MASH members discounts. All MASH members can enjoy these great benefits—support those who support brewing!

Not a member yet? Membership is easy:

Annual dues are $35 per individual or nuclear family. All persons of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages and that support the purposes of MASH are eligible to join the club.

Miami-area business Discount details
5% off all ingredient purchases on orders over $29.99
10% off all ingredient purchases on orders over $69.99
15% off all taproom purchases
15% off all taproom beverages
10% off all taproom food and beverage purchases
10% off all taproom purchases