January 2017

  • Call to Order

    • Welcome to new members in attendance – Alejandro, Rocky and Victoria!


  • Review of Previous Minutes

    • Waived


  • Treasure's Report (Dave Kirsten)

    • Cash Flow

    • Finished 2016 with a balance of $874.48 so we have money to spend.

    • As of January 26th, the balance is $1,796.75.

  • Account Balance

    • 12/31/16 - $5,546.70

    • 1/26/17 - $7,343.45 (due to Coconut Cup entries).

  • Paid Members: 34 (PAY YOUR DUES!!!)    


IV. Current Business

  • Introduction of 2017 Officers

    • Geoffrey Shideler (Librarian)

      • Brought 1 box of old magazines for club members to take.  Will bring a box each month.

    • Marie Waldron (Secretary)

    • Dave Kirsten (Treasurer)

    • Dan Barrett (Vice President)

    • Jorge Molina (President)


  • Coconut Cup 2017 (Bob Billany)

    • Capped out entries (450) - Registration is closed

    • Need Volunteers

      • Sorting Party Saturday February 4th 10am.  The more people sign up, the faster it goes!

      • Judging/Stewarding – sign up here on Reggie.  

      • Setup/Cleanup/Logistics/Misc

        • Keg Competition on Final Day.  Sign up here to enter.  


  • Miami Beer Festival @ Marlin's Park - Jan 14 Geoffrey Shideler attended for the first time as an attendee.  Great experience pouring homebrews, and walking around to meet other brewers there.   

  • MASHup @ 305 Brews - Josh Hubner organized.  About 10-12 members attended and shared their homebrews.  Looking to have another event in March.  Great for local venues to get to know MASH, and for MASH members to get to know local venues.  

V. New Business

  • Changes to Club Reimbursement Policy

    • Club will pay for up to 2 entries for ANY AHA/BJCP sanctioned competition (excluding Coconut Cup)

    • Club will provide the winners of ANY AHA/BJCP sanctioned competition a $40 gift certificate @ Urban Brewers for the purchase of ingredients.

Board voted to include Coconut Cup so any member that medals in Coconut Cup, will also receive a gift certificate to Urban Brewers. 

    • Next Florida competition – Hurricane Blow-off by the Palm Beach Draughtsman. Entry Window opens February 27th.  Other homebrew club members come down to judge Coconut Cup so MASH members are encouraged to judge other Florida Competitions.

  • Upcoming Competitions

    • National Homebrew Competition (NHC) - Registration Period: Jan 30 - Feb 5th.

  • Upcoming Events

    • Veritage @ Wynwood Walls - Feb 9 (sign-up form on MASH website)

  • BJCP Tasting Exam - Scheduled for December 2017

    • First Come/First Serve - Must pass the online exam prior to securing a spot for the tasting exam

  • Call for new business

      • Home Brewers Brawl Saturday Jan 28th at Tom’s NFL. For more information click here.

VI. Education

  • Introduction to Competition Judging  (Bob Billany & Dave Kirsten)

Judged 2 beers – Hefeweizen and Dopplebock.  

VI. BotY

  • Jan: India Pale Ales (IPA) 10 entries

    • 1st Place – Chris Lopez – Double IPA

    • 2nd Place – Danny Steigerwald – New England Style Double IPA w/Honey

    • 3rd Place – John Bankston, Sr. – American IPA.

  • Feb: British Bitters


VIII. Adjournment and Next Meeting

  • Next meeting: February 23, 2017 @Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company