Meeting Minutes – June 2016

June 25-2016

Summer Solstice Meeting

Meeting Called to order – 2:45ish

BOTY Winners:

3rd: Martin Mitzner – Black Wheat

2nd: Bob & Dave – Back In Black Clone

1st: Danny Steigerwald – Mixed Fermentation



  • MASH is in need of a new BOTY competition coordinator.

    • Bob Billaney is willing to train any interested members.​​ 

    • Good way to help out the club,​​ and​​ get involved​​ as a member.

Raffle was held for paid MASH members at Summer Solstice – Thanks to Urban Brewers, and Lincoln’s Beard for their contributions towards this year’s raffle.

Any members that have not yet paid dues, please do so.

Upcoming Events –

  • Grovetoberfest & Veritage. Both events will be held in October/November time.

    • Brew some beer and start your planning now! MASH wants to have a strong presence, and will compensate you for kegs donated.

    • At the past event, SPRUNG, MASH went through 40 gallons of beer.

  • Poker Tournament. – To be held July 20/21 at Lincoln’s Beard Brewery. Poker and Beer, need we say more?

  • First Coast Cup is now accepting entries. Enter your beer! Get valuable feedback and help MASH have a strong showing. There will be a beer railroad to help transport bottles up for judging, more news on that will be upcoming.

Sunshine Cup winners have been announced. You can find these on the Sunshine Cup website.

There was a vote at the meeting for if MASH would like to contribute to Piero Rodriguez Memorial.​​ 

  • It was voted in favor of contributing $200 as a club.

  • If any MASH members would like to contribute as individuals to Piero’s family, you may do so at:​​


Meeting Adjourned.