Meeting Minutes – May 23, 2013

Club Scrollkeeper, Darryl Hickey, was not able to join us.  Thanks to Rachel Billany for “volunteering” as scribe this evening.


Upcoming Educational Sessions:

  • July 2013 = Meads (Scott Graham)
  • August 2013 = European Amber Lager (Tony Hernandez)

Treasurer’s Report – We are not runnin gout of money.

October BotY Style will be IPA.

Cask’s First Coast Cup Entry Window runs from May 21 – June 28.  The competition has been capped at 650 entries.

Hogtown Brewoff final judging will take place this weekend.

Summer Solstice Party in lieu of regular meeting next month.

Scott Graham to Administer BJCP Tasting Exam in July 2015.